Tuesday, July 6, 2010

On the Road/En route Reflections...

On the Road/En route is a much anticipated project that brings art to the public through the erection of an innovative, temporary architecture. Lancelot Coar and his team have spent the past two weeks experimenting with the design of the structure, and have recently actualized the first two site-specific events.

To date, the On the Road experience has been an eye-opening one. It has been interesting to see the wide range of people who become intrigued and attracted to this unconventional architecture that has temporarily integrated itself into their community.

The process of designing and constructing the structure has also been challenging. Unlike traditional building practices, considerations regarding simplicity, time, and ease of assembly have been driving forces for conceiving the design.

Most inspiring, has been experiencing the architectural process from realization to disassembly in the span of a day. The bringing to life of the structure becomes an integral part of the days events, involving and engaging with the communities we visit.

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