Tuesday, May 25, 2010

About On The Road/En route

A 1976 AirStream Trailer will be the shining, silver heart of ON THE ROAD, a rip-roaring contemporary art project led by artist and architect Lancelot Coar. Branching from the trailer will be a huge, spidery, fiberglass and fabric frame that will, with your help, morph into beautiful, strange structures to house a temporary art space to which Lancelot invites you to take part in a happy-making art activities. Within the special structure that he designed and constructed for you, he will showcase videos by Manitoban artists, lead making&doing workshops, and perform with The Abzurbs, a group of mayhem music makers. The community is warmly invited to help raise the structure and make it their own for the duration of ON THE ROAD’S stay, and to be the blood that brings this art body to life.

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